İlker Kaleli is back in a classy way!
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3 December 2022 16:27


İlker Kaleli is back in a classy way!

After the finale of The Teacher series, İlker Kaleli made a very impressive return to his fans! One of the series that met with the audience on Fox TV screens in 2020 was The Teacher. İlker Kaleli was away from the sets for a long time after the phenomenal series named For My Son.

Kaleli, who appeared as a guest actor in the production called The Serpent for the BBC, returned to the television screen with The Teacher and attracted great attention from his fans. The actor, who made Akif teacher character a great success, deserved appreciation.

It was difficult to be Akif teacher after For My Son, but Kaleli left this job with all his forehead without even a trace of his previous role. However, the series did not progress as expected. The teacher, planned as 36 episodes, made a final in 9 episodes and said goodbye to its audience.

Fox TV’s not showing much patience and not giving the expected support for the series, which was removed due to its low ratings, has also been criticized. İlker Kaleli did not appear for a while after the final.

The actor showed his face on social media with the sharing he made from his Instagram account. But this happened in a classy way.

Ilker Kaleli, who played Russian composer and pianist Sergei Rachmaninoff’s work on the piano with artist Güntaç Özdemir, once again enchanted his fans.

Followers also left praised comments. The fans who left a comment saying “You are so good, what are you doing like this”, thanked him for this sharing.

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