Cansu Dere, the Asya of the Unfaithful, was also cheated!
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26 November 2022 18:28


Cansu Dere, the Asya of the Unfaithful, was also cheated!

Cansu Dere plays the Asya character so successfully in the TV series Unfaithful, which meets with the audience on Wednesday evenings on Kanal D screen, it enchants its fans.

This time, the actress knew how to enchant her followers with her sexy pose on her social media account. Instyle magazine that special player poses to Turkey, wrote in a message spoofing her views on the subject in the interview. In the interview in the magazine, the following question was asked: In Unfaithful, you portray a deceived woman who seeks revenge. What would you do if you were deceived? Would you prefer to take revenge or to leave quietly?

Cansu Dere, accepting that she was also cheated on time, reminded that this is not an unfamiliar feeling and that many people experience similar situations.

The famous actress drew attention with her words: “Being deceived is not a situation where I am foreign, like many people. Like love, revenge, grudge, hatred are very strong feelings. I don’t think there is a need to have a strong feeling again for someone who has done something like this. What I previously felt is losing its meaning. That is why, an unpleasant incident says, “This person is like that too, what should we do?” I continue my life.

I am a person who believes that there is evil and ugliness as well as good where people are, and who accepts this from the beginning. I’m not surprised by someone saying, “I can’t believe how he does this”. Lying is a very ugly feature, I don’t want to be a liar in my life. In fact, the faster he gets out of my life, the better for me.

There is no rule that dating, friendship, or being a wife will last forever. Of course, it would be nice, but when it is over, it is necessary to say goodbye. Otherwise, I have never seen a good result. “

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