Can Yaman becomes an advertising star in Italy!
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29 November 2022 10:26


Can Yaman becomes an advertising star in Italy!

It was already known to what extent Can Yaman’s admiration reached in Italy, where Fullmoon and Day Dreamer were broadcasted.The player has gained a very large fan base in this country. Can Yaman, who was welcomed like a Hollywood star during his visits to the country, also accumulated many moments when he was almost caught in the flood of love.

The point of Can Yaman’s popularity in Italy can be better understood with the new development. Turkish director Ferzan Özpetek and Can Yaman, who have a big name in the country, will sweat for a commercial together.

Can Yaman is the star of the commercial to be directed by Ferzan Özpetek. Shooting for one of Italy’s biggest pasta brands will start soon.

Ferzan Özpetek made this announcement on his Instagram account and surprised everyone. Can Yaman, who will go to Italy for shooting on January 5, has been wanting to make a project with Ferzan Özpetek for a long time. This dream of the actor will be realized with the commercial.

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