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13 August 2022 02:59


In June, Asiye and Doruk of Kardeşlerim left their mark on social media!

The report describing the most talked about TV series characters on social media in June has been announced. According to this report, June was marked by the romantic couple Asiye and Doruk in the TV series Kardeşlerim (My Brothers).

The June results of Somera’s Most Popular Characters on Social TV report, which researches and shares the status of Turkish TV series on social media, have been announced. Burcu Su Yazgı Coşkun, who played the character of Asiye in the TV series Kardeşlerim, was first in the ranking. In June, 2 million 220 thousand 45 shares were shared on social media about the young actress who successfully portrayed the character of Asiye in the ATV series.

Couldn’t rank Su Burcu Yazgı Coşkun was followed by Onur Seyit Yaran, who gave life to Asiye’s lover Doruk in the same series. The number of shares on social media about Kardeşlerim’ Doruk was 2 million 214 thousand 697. Thus, Asiye and Doruk, one of the most loved couples in the screen world, became the couple that left their mark on June.

The names in the fourth and fifth place of the list were Serdar and Zehra in the Teşkilat (Organization) series broadcast on TRT 1. Serdar, who is in the fourth place and played by Çağlar Ertuğrul, became 203 thousand 541 in social media in June.

On the other hand, 188 thousand 378 posts were made about Zehra, another brave spy of the Teşkilat, the successful series of TRT 1, which will be screened with its third season in September. Played by Deniz Baysal, Zehra is one of the most loved characters in the TV series.

The name in the fifth place of the list was Akkız, the main character of ATV’s successful series Destan (Epic). Akkız, played by the successful actress Ebru Şahin, has become everyone’s favorite with her courage and strong character. In June, 176 thousand 328 posts were made about Ebru Şahin.

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