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20 August 2022 00:02


In the Alparslan series, Akça’s words touched the hearts of the audience!

The Alparslan series, which is broadcast on Monday evenings, has been maintaining a very successful course since the beginning of the season. The fluency and impressiveness of the story also connected millions of TV series fans to the TRT1 screen.

Fahriye Evcen and Barış Arduç duo, who have starred in the Alparslan series, which has 20 episodes so far, are also doing their job successfully. The good harmony of the two leading actors adds even more strength to the story. Barış Arduç fans are pleased to see the actor play a popular and unforgettable role after Kiralık Aşk (Love for Rent).

Fahriye Evcen, who appeared before the audience with the character of Akça in the Alparslan series after taking a break from the sets for about 4 years, enchants her fans. Akça’s attitude towards Alparslan in the series also connects the audience to the story more… Akça, who knows how important Alparslan is better than she does, will deeply affect everyone with her words in the 21st new episode.

Akça, who wants to prevent Alparslan, whose hand is injured, from harming him, not only reminds him how important he is, but also shows that she is one body with him. In the Alparslan series, Akça’s words touched the hearts of the audience!The new episode of the series, which deeply affected the audience with its trailers, will be broadcast on Monday, April 11, and will be very exciting again.

Akça’s words were also engraved in the hearts of the audience: “You are not the only owner of this hand, this sharpening, I will bleed when you bleed, don’t do it… If your eyes don’t see, if your tongue doesn’t speak, I’ll be your tongue, if your hand doesn’t hold, I’ll be your arm, Alparslan…”

Awakening TRT1, which left its mark on the last season with the Great Seljuks, goes back to the story this season and tells the life of Alparslan, one of the most important sultans of the Great Seljuk State. The interest in the series is high, but the drop in ratings last week was also a bit annoying. Although the Alparslan series is a production that gets used to the first place, sometimes different productions can get the first place. While the ratings of the series are close to double digits, the decrease in the last episode seems to highlight the issue of how the results will be obtained in the coming weeks.

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