Artists News In the big crisis in the series Emanet, the audience is with Sıla Türkoğlu!

In the big crisis in the series Emanet, the audience is with Sıla Türkoğlu!


Kanal 7’s daily series Emanet (Legacy) is going through a major crisis. In the statement made by the production company, it is stated that the leading actress Sıla Türkoğlu left the series. There is no statement from Sıla Türkoğlu yet. However, on social media, the audience is with Sıla Türkoğlu with their comments.

The crisis between Sıla Türkoğlu and the production company, the leading actress in the series Emanet, is growing. Upon the allegations of the crisis circulating, the production company of the series, Karamel Yapım, made a statement and accused the leading actor Sıla Türkoğlu of leaving the series halfway.

The statement that Karamel Yapım accused of not participating in the shooting of the season finale of Sıla Türkoğlu was made from the official social media account of the Emanet series. In most of the comments made on this post, the audience of the series was with Sıla Türkoğlu.

A viewer drew attention to the need to explain why Sıla Türkoğlu did not want to be in the third season and said, “This explanation did not satisfy me. You gave a reason why Sıla didn’t want to be in the third season, what bothered her that she took the risk of going into such a legal process, please explain that as well. She also loved and possessed her job. I want to know the reason.”

Another viewer stated that Sıla Türkoğlu loves her job and commented, “Exactly. Sıla was doing her job lovingly, it didn’t happen, why should she sign 3 Seasons? Something bad happened, whatever happened, the girl couldn’t stand it anymore, otherwise Sıla wouldn’t leave the set easily. We were not at all satisfied with their explanation. I hope Sıla’s manager company will make a statement on behalf of Sıla.”

Another viewer, Sıla Türkoğlu, said that if she did such a thing, she definitely had good reasons and wrote: “What kind of explanation is that? How did it happen that Sıla wanted to terminate it when there was a 3rd season? You have to look at that too. We do not and will not accept this statement, which aims to show yourself innocent and accuse Sıla only. Even if Sıla did such a thing, she has a rightful reason.”

In the statement of Karamel Yapım, it was stated that although Sıla Türkoğlu had a contract, she did not want to play in the third season and did not attend the shooting of the season finale.

In the statement, it was noted that the shootings of the season finale were made with a stuntman, and it was added that legal action would be taken.