Artists News Sıla Türkoğlu made a statement about the crisis of the Emanet TV series! Here is the mobbing claim

Sıla Türkoğlu made a statement about the crisis of the Emanet TV series! Here is the mobbing claim


Young actress Sıla Türkoğlu is in the lead role in the series Emanet (Legacy) with Halil İbrahim Ceyhan. The series, whose second season continues, will continue to be on the screen, but Sıla Türkoğlu did not want to take part in the third season plans. The actress’s request to leave was not approved by the producer Karamel Film on the grounds that it was not in accordance with the contract.

However, Sıla Türkoğlu also does not want to continue with the project and aims to continue her career with other projects. The statement of the young actress about this crisis, which was the most talked about day in social media, was expected. In the statement made by Karamel Film yesterday, it was announced that the actress violated the rules, did not comply with the terms of the contract and did not participate in the shooting.

Karamel Film is taking the matter to the judiciary as the contract is not complied with. So what does Sıla Türkoğlu say about this? Fans of the series were especially curious about the words of the actress, and the explanation came through her lawyer.

It is noteworthy that the lawyer said in his statement that the famous actress was subjected to mobbing. Here are all the details of that statement:

“My client, Sıla Türkoğlu, played the leading role in the daily series Emanet, produced by Karamel, for 2 years under very difficult conditions, with great devotion, determination and loyalty.

My client, together with all the set staff and fellow actors, has devotedly continued the shootings in a very harsh working environment. Although my client informed the producer that she could not continue to work under these harsh conditions, no improvement was made in the shooting days and hours, in the working environment and in the style and behavior of my client’s supervisor towards my client, and no solution was found in this regard.

Even on the days when my client was sick and on sick leave, she was forced to work by force and mobbing for the training of serials.

My client informed the producer in January 2022 that she would not be able to continue both physically and psychologically under these very difficult working conditions and that she did not want to take part in the 3rd season of the serial, and the producer and my client verbally agreed that my client would be terminated at the end of the 2nd season of the serial.

However, while the last episodes of Season 2 were being filmed, the Producer suddenly forgot all these verbal agreements and stated that the series was extended to the 3rd Season with a unilateral decision, and that even as long as the channel decided to continue, the series would be continued -for indefinite seasons- and my client had to comply with this.

Since my client was not given a copy of the contract at the signing stage in the face of this unexpected fait accompli, she asked the producer for a copy of the contract, first verbally and then with a warning letter, in order to evaluate the conditions of the 3rd season, the wage increase and the improvement of the working conditions that had reached the unbearable point, and to discuss these issues.

After this warning, the producer started an incredible and unacceptable slander, threat, insult and defamation campaign against my client, instead of solving this process in good faith by giving my client a copy of the contract.

The producer, who was not satisfied with this, tried to put my client in a difficult situation, although my client had not declared that it had terminated the contract in any medium, by filming the day that my client had reported that it had a report, and by keeping a report that my client did not participate in the shootings through the notary public on that date.

Not content with that, the producer made false accusations and slanders about my client in front of the entire cast and actors, and made threats in my client’s absence.

While my client was in search of a solution to this problem with all her good intentions, she learned that on 16.05.2022 the producer Karamel Yapım had made a slanderous and false press statement about her.

Worse still, producer Karamel Yapım revealed its bad language against my client for 2 years in the warning letter it sent to my client,

In the aforementioned warning letter, it accused my client of lying, having malicious intent and making a false doctor’s report, in a way that violates my client’s personal rights and despite the fact that it has no concrete evidence in this regard.

Naturally, it is out of the question for her to be able to continue on her way with a producer who approaches my client with such a harsh tone and does not hesitate to insult and slander my client even in the notice it sent through a notary public. No one; cannot expect and demand that my client continue in a project that will irreparably damage her personality and dignity.

In the press statement it made, it considered my client as a slave and used the contract it had my client signed as a weapon, and moreover, it insistently concealed this contract from my client, thinking that it could apply all kinds of mobbing, and believing that it had to work under her honor by trampling on my client’s honor despite all kinds of insults, threats and pressures. producer Karamel Yapıma had to be informed that due to these events, the contract has been terminated rightly as of today and my client will not be in the 3rd season of the TV series named Emanet.”