In the Çöp Adam series, the audience was divided between Peri and Berrin!
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2 April 2023 08:05


In the Çöp Adam series, the audience was divided between Peri and Berrin!

Çöp Adam (Stickman) series, which is broadcast on Star TV screens on Wednesday evenings, continues to be appreciated with its successful story. The fact that Elçin Sangu and Sedef Avcı have recently been talked about over the characters they have portrayed on social media does not go unnoticed.

The viewers, who are uncomfortable with the way Tamer character played by Engin Altan Düzyatan, love both Peri and Berrin, send a message to the scriptwriter.

There are those who defend the fairy character, and there are those who criticize it. However, there is an important fact that many viewers stand by Berrin, who is struggling to protect her family.

Many viewers, who want Berrin to be superior to Peri, are sending messages to the scriptwriter on social media. Of course, a group of viewers who emphasize the trauma of the Peri character and her inability to think clearly are also uncomfortable with the portrayal of Peri as the only culprit.

The loyal viewers of the series, who find Berrin a crime with the criticism that her husband puts up with everything she does, argue that the psychological violence that Peri has experienced should also be highlighted in the story.

There are those who think that the series is moving towards a repulsive situation, and the comparison of Peri and Berrin increases this repulsiveness.

Those who state that the character of Berrin is proud and share messages in this direction also send messages that they want the character to behave more proudly to the screenwriter.

Çöp Adam series fans are stuck between Peri and Berrin.

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