In the series of Arka Sokaklar, the team dispersed at once!
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1 April 2023 08:22


In the series of Arka Sokaklar, the team dispersed at once!

In Kanal D’s Arka Sokaklar series, the screenwriters do their best to make the story more interesting. The new episode of the series, which won the first place in the category of all people on the evening of January 14th with its 610th episode, will be very lively.

The situation that the character of Rıza Baba falls into will be understood more clearly. The character of Rıza Soylu, played by Zafer Ergin, will continue to take place in the story, but he will also fall into a big conspiracy.

Another interesting development in the series was the thought of the possibility of Mesut harming Rıza Soylu. Many TV series fans know well that Mesut will not do anything to Rıza Baba.

While excitement continues about what will happen to Mesut and Rıza Soylu, another development is taking place. The team will disband in an instant. Arka Sokaklar 611th Episode Trailer has been published. The team’s new mission locations are announced!

Rıza Baba’s petition to Ankara was processed; but Engin was asked to replace Rıza Baba. However, when Engin does not accept the task, the ministry sends Engin the letter that the team was abolished. The new locations of the entire team have been announced.

The team, on the other hand, watches these moments with amazement. The struggle that they have been fighting shoulder to shoulder with its bitter and sweet for years is coming to an end. Meanwhile, there is an interesting development with Rıza Baba.

Arka Sokaklar is on Kanal D with its new episode on Friday at 20.00!

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