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20 August 2022 05:35


In the series of Kardeşlerim, its first slaps and then apologizes after apology!

Simge Selçuk, who plays Nebahat in the TV series Kardeşlerim (My Brothers), draws attention with her successful acting performance. The actress, who successfully portrays Nebahat, one of the colorful characters of the series, thinks that they have been a strong family for two seasons.

The second season of Kardeşlerim series was completed last week and the team of the series started on vacation. Kardeşlerim, it will continue in the next season and it will not surprise anyone if it repeats the success it achieved in the first two seasons. Simge Selçuk, on the other hand, explained the details behind this success.

Underlining that they are a family, the actress said, “I feel very comfortable on the set. It is a great chance to do such a job with my very close friends and to do the job that one really loves.”

Evaluating that the series “Kardeşlerim” is a chance for everyone, the actor said that a beautiful team came together.

Simge Selçuk said, “We have been through many seasons, many memories. There was a great bond between us,” she said.

Simge Selçuk and Celil Nalçakan also did not go unnoticed with their harmonious images in the series. There is a large audience especially waiting for the scenes of Nebahat and Akif characters.

Simge Selçuk talked about her experiences with her co-star in the slap scenes. The actress said, “We have slap scenes, the ones I slapped him. We have a lot of fun with it, I try not to throw it away. He says shoot, shoot, okay,” she said.

The actress did not go without saying that she apologized to Celil Nalçakan after each slap scene.

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