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16 May 2022 18:38


In the sixth season of the Yasak Elma series, there is Eda Ece for sure, but the other actors are uncertain!

140 episodes of the Yasak Elma (Forbidden Apple) series have been broadcast. The series, which continues its fifth season, will bid farewell to its audience on June 13. The team, which will rest for 3 months after the fifth season finale, will come together again in September and start working for the sixth season.

In the sixth season of the Yasak Elma series, whose 141st episode will be broadcast on Monday, May 9, it is eagerly awaited who will take part in the series and who will be removed from the story. At this point, the only name whose place is guaranteed seems to be Eda Ece. The young actress, who played the Yıldız character, made a big breakthrough in her career thanks to this series.

Eda Ece is guaranteed to be in the sixth season, but Şevval Sam is expected to continue the story with the Ender character. Şevval Sam, who made statements about the sixth season, gave the message that she would continue the project.

However, the fate of the actors other than these two names has not yet been determined. According to the scenario of the new season, a serious revision is expected in the staff. It is this actor circulation that keeps the Yasak Elma series alive. Medyapım, who has chosen to continue with the same tactic with different names at the beginning of each season, may go through a similar change again.

Agreements with all the actors in the Yasak Elma series have been completed. It was even revealed that Erdal Bilingen, who played the character of Çetin, said goodbye to the series because his story was over.

Preparations for the sixth season of Yasak Elma have already started, and according to the new story, it is expected that new actors will join the cast and some names will say goodbye to the story.

These changes, which will be experienced in the Yasak Elma series in the summer months, will be talked about a lot. Many series fans also want to know who will continue the story, but this issue is not expected to be clarified before the sixth season scenario is clarified.

The first trailer from the 141st episode of the Yasak Elma series, which will be broadcast on Monday, May 9, was also shared:

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