Artists News In the TV series Camdaki Kız, the character of Feride is obsessed with Nur Sürer, but the director does not allow it!

In the TV series Camdaki Kız, the character of Feride is obsessed with Nur Sürer, but the director does not allow it!


Master actress Nur Sürer plays Feride, the despotic character of the TV series Camdaki Kız (Girl in the Glass) broadcast on Kanal D. Nur Sürer, who aroused admiration with her performance, said that everything was fine on the set.

Nur Sürer’s interview was also included in the shootings of the program called Set Extra, broadcast on Kanal D, at the Koroğlu mansion. The master actress said that everything went well on the set of the series, which started the third season.

Feride, one of the characters disliked by the Camdaki Kız fans, is a very tough and authoritative person and Nur Sürer is having a very successful process in conveying the emotion of this character to the audience.

One of the reasons behind the success of the series, which started its third season, is team spirit. Nur Sürer also drew attention to this issue and said, “Everything is always fine because our team is very good.”

In the interview made in Feride’s character’s room, Nur Sürer said, “The room where I narrowed the actors while I was playing,” made her smile. Feride is a character who enters everyone’s room without knocking, this is a habit for her.

Nur Sürer also drew attention to this situation and said: “She has such a habit. I’m in everyone’s room. But no one can break into Feride’s room. She’s always knocking on the door. Otherwise, it’s not good for them,” she said.

Talking about the reactions she received from the citizens because of her character Feride on the street, Nur Sürer said, “It actually sounds like they don’t dare. Is she like that too? Because one day I came back from such a corner, I turned very fast. The man was sitting very comfortably, and when he saw me, he was instantly ready. I said, no problem, ours is domestic violence” she said.

There are many jokes about the character of Feride on social media. Classical phrases such as “Water sleeps, but Feride does not sleep” are repeated over and over.

Nur Sürer also said that she sometimes comes across such jokes on social media. Underlining that she has acted in many TV series and movies, the master actress reminded that she plays the mother characters in these projects in a protective and protective manner.

Nur Sürer explained that director Nadim Güç intervened in the moments when she softened during the shooting of the scenes, and thanks to this, she was able to portray Feride in such a powerful way:

“We do not have such a mother here. Maybe I could have missed the end of the rope, because sometimes I soften up right away in Nalan’s scenes. But our teacher does not allow it. I say from God that you exist to Nadim Güç. I might miss the end of her rope. Woman because she doesn’t spoil anything. Maybe she’s bleeding inside, but I think she has to stay that way. Now I’m used to it, but we made peace with the woman. I’m guessing what you can do.”