Series News In The Yüz Yıllık Mucize series, the writers got a good story, but it’s on the wrong spot!

In The Yüz Yıllık Mucize series, the writers got a good story, but it’s on the wrong spot!


Five episodes have been left behind in the Yüz Yıllık Mucize (One Hundred Years of Miracle) series, which is broadcast on Star TV on Thursday evenings. The story of the series is different and remarkable, but even the viewers think differently from the screenwriters on some issues.

The ratings of Yüz Yıllık Mucize are also below average, and even fans of Ebru Şahin and Birkan Sokullu are critical of the project. The viewers, who see the relationship between Harika and Kemal as a classic Turkish TV series story, believe that the main issue that needs to be addressed is overlooked by the screenwriters.

There are many people who think that the story of Eşref and Süreyya and the past experiences of Ali Tahir character should have a stronger place in the series. The fans of the series think that the attitude of the screenwriters to put the story on the duo of Ebru Şahin and Birkan Sokullu is not right.

Many TV series fans are screaming on social media that they are on the wrong track, that there are too many examples of a series focusing on the love of Marvel and Kemal, and that it will be difficult to continue with this cliché.

However, the relationship between Süreyya and Eşref and the character of Ali Tahir have aspects that take the audience to the past, and if the story proceeds from this point, a completely different situation may arise.

A number of fans addressed the screenwriters on social media with the following words: “There is no more empty couple like Harika and Kemal. No emotion passes. It’s not believable. It could have been a very good series with the subject of Süreyya and Eşref.”

In fact, this comment is at the point of common opinion of many viewers. Fans of the series, who embrace the story of Süreyya and Eşref more, believe that a story based on them will be more realistic and will attract the audience more to the screen.

Another TV series fan advised the screenwriters with the following words: “Perhaps the most interesting story in the history of Turkish television has been captured, but the screenwriters will necessarily turn it into a typical beautiful young girl – handsome boy love. Check out other channels there are dozens of similar love stories. For your difference, if the series is going to continue and you want us to watch it, it should continue on the love of Süreyya – Eşref.”