Artists News Incredible claim about Hercai’s Reyyan, Ebru Şahin!

Incredible claim about Hercai’s Reyyan, Ebru Şahin!


The summer holiday is over and the Hercai team came together again on the set in Mardin’s Midyat district. Akın Akınözü and Ebru Şahin announced that the shooting started with a short video yesterday.

Hercai is preparing very ambitiously for the 3rd season again… Ebru Şahin, like all her teammates, has stored energy during the holiday and is ready to shoot new scenes. However, there are some claims reflected in the press that can disturb the famous actress and demoralize her. When Ebru Şahin came up with the allegations that she had a love affair with Cedi Osman in the last period of the holiday, she described such news as hollow and shameful.

However, it was soon revealed that the famous actress was in love, and these words returned to her as a subject of criticism. Hürriyet Kelebek writer Cihan Şensözlü expressed a very different claim and surprised everyone.

Cihan Şensözlü, who stated that he had a meal with a crowded group last night, said: “The subject coincided with the love of Ebru Şahin and Cedi Osman. A friend from the table threw the bomb in the middle. Cedi Osman wanted to come from America and go out with a famous person. So he started dating Ebru Şahin. Career planning is being done, ” he wrote.

This claim started to be discussed in the magazine’s agenda. The truth is not known. In the author’s opinion, Ebru Şahin may have also made Cedi Osman fall in love with her. Time will also tell whether this claim is true or not.

Cihan Şensözlü stated in his article that he would not let go of the subject and wrote:

“I think that even if this relationship started as a project, Ebru Şahin fell in love with our American Cedi. But I am not going to do a research on this “career planning company” section in the coming days, we will see what the real deal is… “