The Family Company series is like a sign of change!
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29 November 2022 11:46


The Family Company series is like a sign of change!

It is not possible to make a 20-minute series on the television screen… However, it is acceptable for digital platforms. The first example of this is presented by the Family Company on the bein Connect platform… An important step has been taken to increase the number of such productions.

On Thursday, August 6, the first 3 episodes of the series Family Company aired. It is wondered how much attention has been paid to the series, which features Emrah Kaman, Özlem Öçalmaz, Eslem Akar, Can Sipahi, Cihan Durmaz and master actor Müfit Kayacan.

Meeting with its audience on Digiturk’s internet-based content platform beIN CONNECT, Family Company can reach a limited number of viewers. Because, those who do not have a movie package cannot watch this series. However, the interest shown can increase such projects.

Sina Kologlu, one of the writer of Milliyet Cadde, pointed out the importance of the Family Company series in his column and wrote: “While I was previewing, ‘tourism agencies’ on the big street near our house came to my mind. Places with pictures of tourist attractions on the walls of the hotel, flight and travel reservations consisting of four or five tables. Let’s say such a place in ‘Family Company’. The variations on relationships here …

The risk of sitcoms is a test of script and acting in a venue.

No glancing, music and jumping from branch to branch. It’s a radio-based genre, so dialogues are very important. The project is a risky business in this respect. Let’s start again and increase.

Two episodes will be uploaded to the platform every Thursday. The first season is 13 episodes. The first three episodes are the series telling itself.

13 chapters are not satisfactory in this respect. Such productions need to continue. One caveat, those who do not have a movie package cannot watch this series. In other words, it reaches a very limited number of viewers.

Well, when the business is held, the name spreads. I heard that Digiturk looks favorably on the domestic series event and that the continuation will come. Qataris who are pretty bored with football! “

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