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2 July 2022 15:06


Instagram’s new filter made some celebrities happy while others are disappointed!

Television world famous names enchant their fans with their Instagram posts from time to time. While some famous names are very active on social media, some names use social media just to share the projects they are involved in.

However, it is a fact that social media is a powerful communication tool for interaction. Famous names who actively use social media from time to time both have fun and communicate warmly with their followers by using the fun filters on Instagram.

Instagram’s new filter has mobilized some famous names. Some of the famous names using the ‘How old do I look?’ application were happy with the response they received, while others were disappointed.

When 38-year-old actor Enis Arıkan appeared in the filter at the age of 41, he made his fans laugh with the post he wrote, “It couldn’t perceive me like a baby”.

42-year-old actress Şebnem Bozoklu, on the other hand, shared with the filter that she looked 16 years old and wrote, “Today, those who do not do this are fired from here, you are always 16”.

When Gülse Birsel was 12 years old for the first application, she couldn’t believe it and did it again. Birsel was 19 years old in his second application.

When the actor Ilker Kızmaz appeared in the filter application at the age of 22, his wife Aslı Kızmaz rebelled by writing “This is a lie”.

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