Interesting comment on Demet Özdemir's swimsuit pose from her co-star!
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6 October 2022 12:52


Interesting comment on Demet Özdemir’s swimsuit pose from her co-star!

Demet Özdemir, who ran on the set during the busy season, finally went on vacation! The actress, who goes on vacation with her beloved Oğuzhan Koç, is accompanied by her friends Actor Aslı Bekiroğlu and her lover Çağrı Telkıran.

Demet Özdemir added another leap in her career after her fame with Erkenci Kuş (Early Bird), and she was admired for her acting in the TV series Doğduğun Ev Kaderindir.

The young actress had previously acted mostly in romantic comedy series. She gave another important test in her acting by playing in the drama series.

It is not yet known whether Özdemir will take a role in a TV series in the new season, but it is known that she will take a role in a movie called Aşk Taktikleri in June with Şükrü Özyıldız.

Demet Özdemir, who will be in front of the camera soon, is currently pouring holiday poses on social media! A comment coming to the photos where she made likes and comments by moving every pose of her fans to social media pages attracted attention.

Gülcan Arslan, who was later included in the series Doğduğun Ev Kaderindir, gave life to Zeynep’s older sister Gülbin, played by Demet Özdemir.

The two actors managed to establish a close friendship in a short time. Setten showed their sincerity with their loving posts.

Gülcan Arslan made a smile with her comment on a swimsuit pose Demet Özdemir took on vacation. The actress showed her love to her co-star with the words “I don’t say God created it, I eat it.”

In the meantime, below is Demet Özdemir’s latest posts from her vacation. It is known that the actress entered the diet a while ago, but in her latest photo, she is seen eating hamburgers and french fries.

“Can we say the mortal world?” She also found a nice cover to eat the high-calorie hamburger with her humorous words… Here are some examples of the actor’s latest posts…

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