İrem Sak, the first surprise in the 4th season of The Pit series!
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1 December 2022 12:55


İrem Sak, the first surprise in the 4th season of The Pit series!

“The Pit”, the phenomenon series signed by Ay Yapım, which was screened on Show TV, is getting ready for the new season. Successful actress İrem Sak participated in the series of the series, which is expected with great excitement in the 4th season.

Preparations have started for the new season of ‘The Pit’, which has made its mark on the ratings and social media for three seasons and attracted attention with its story and social responsibility projects.

The fact that his brother Arık Böke, who took over the seat from Çağatay Erdenet, came to the neighborhood and confronted Yamaç Koçovalı showed that nothing will be the same for both Koçovans and Erdenets.

While the events to be experienced between the two families in the new season are already anticipated, a cast name has been included in the cast.

Successful actress İrem Sak Arık, who has reached a wide fan base with the projects she has participated in, will meet the audience in Season 4 with the character of Seren, cousin of Erdenet.

The new season of ‘The Pit’ will come to the screens on Show TV very soon on Monday evenings.

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