Where will İrem Sak's new series Modern Kadın be broadcast?
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30 March 2023 11:14


Where will İrem Sak’s new series Modern Kadın be broadcast?

Famous actress İrem Sak is preparing to introduce the digital TV series Modern Kadın, for which she wrote the script, to the audience.

The successful actress displayed in Nişantaşı made statements about her new series. Stating that the talks are continuing about the broadcast of the series, İrem Sak stated that the budgets will be effective on whether to choose only digital or national channels.

Ayberk Sak, the older brother of Ayberk İrem Sak, who studied at the New York Film Academy, was the director of the TV series called Modern Kadın.

Saying that Modern Kadın was the result of a long-term work, the actress said that budgets should be satisfied, and drew attention to the fact that all actors were motivated in this way in return for working hours and all this effort. “In caravans, it is otherwise unbearable 6 days a week.”

Reminding that the acting wages have decreased in recent years, İrem Sak, who remained silent on this issue, said that there are production-production companies that increase these wages by expressing the inequality between men and women on the sets.

The actress, who denied the news about her love affair with the basketball player Furkan Korkmaz, who was 11 years younger than her, saying, “No, there is no such thing”, admitted that her heart is full by saying, “Yes, there is.”

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