Surprise guest star in İrem Sak's new series Modern Kadın!
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27 March 2023 20:15


Surprise guest star in İrem Sak’s new series Modern Kadın!

Irem Sak, one of the most successful actresses of the screen, is preparing to come to the screen as a screenwriter this time. Sak will share the lead role with Kubilay Aka in the TV series Modern Kadın, which she wrote herself. There is also a surprise guest actor in the series.

İrem Sak, who won the hearts of the Turkish audience with her character Tülay, the casino singer she portrayed in the series Yalan Dünya, also plays the leading role in the TV series Modern Kadın, for which she wrote the script. Kubilay Aka, with whom he had previously acted in Çukur, will be accompanied by the lead role in the TV series İrem Sak.

The series, which will be broadcast on a digital platform, also has a surprise guest star. According to the news of journalist Birsen Altuntaş, the surprise actress Özgür Çevik. Özgür Çevik, who shined after he won the first place in the Academy Turkey in 2004 and continued his career with acting instead of being a musician, stepped into acting with the TV series Yabancı Damat. Çevik, who has acted in many TV series to date, played the character of İzzet in the last Yeşilçam series.

The director of the series, produced by TIMS&B Productions, is Ayberk Sak, the older brother of İrem Sak. In the series, which will consist of different stories and will be shot in 10 episodes, there will be many guest actors besides Özgür Çevik.

Gözde Kaya, Su Şanad, Hakan Satmış, Özlem Tokaslan, Durul Bazan, Gürberk Polat, Kemal Okan Özkan and Emre Turhan will star in the series, whose shooting has begun.

The story of Modern Kadın will be as follows: Pınar, a young and single woman, is stuck between East and West. She is convinced that among the men who want to be with her, there must be a prince on a white horse worthy of her family. While her biological clock and career are advancing at the same pace, will Pınar be a mother or a brand manager? Will she go to her hometown Sivas or Alaçatı during the holiday? İrem Sak will present this dilemma that many women experience today in her TV series Modern Kadın.

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