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6 July 2022 22:05


The latest in the final claim of the Kanal D series!

The ratings of the series Baht Oyunu, which met with the audience on Kenal D screens, continue to be low… Fans are also questioning what the status of the popular romantic comedy series, which started in the summer period, will be.

The series, which aired on Tuesday evenings, lost some more viewers after the launch of Masumlar Apartmanı ve Evlilik Hakkında Her Şey. After the low ratings on social media, final allegations were made…

In addition, the TV series called İçimizden Biri ve Ada Masalı were other productions in the competition on Tuesday. A message from the scriptwriter came to the fans who were anxiously waiting for the final claim of Baht Oyunu, which competes in ratings with 4 TV series.

The message of Tunus Taşçı, who wrote the script of the Baht Oyunu series, that there was no final situation and that they did not have such information, relieved all the fans of the series.

But the information reflected backstage points to a different situation. There is information that Kanal D has made a final decision for the series in the 17th episode. The series is expected to make its final on Tuesday, October 12.

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