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6 July 2022 19:55


Ceren Moray and Feyyaz Duman will surprise you in Yalancı ve Mumları!

Photos from the first episode of the TV series Yalancı ve Mumları, which Fox TV is preparing to screen on Sunday evening, were shared. The ambitious series, which will question the relationships between men and women, is expected to attract great attention. In the series, we will watch Ceren Moray and Feyyaz Duman in a very different way from their previous roles.

As one of the ambitious series of the new season on Fox TV screens, Yalancı ve Mumları was adapted from the BBC format Mistresses. Elçin Sangu, Ceren Moray, İsmail Demirci, Şafak Pekdemir, Feyyaz Duman, İlker Kızmaz and Melike Güner are in the cast of the series, which consists of extremely powerful names.

Fox TV announced that it would first broadcast the series Yalancı ve Mumları on Thursday evening. However, the decision changed later, and the series Yalancı ve Mumları was moved to Sunday evening. The early final decision of the TV series named The Tale of the Far City, which was broadcast on Sunday evenings, played a role in this decision.

Photos from the first episode of the series, which will question the relationship between men and women, were also shared on social media. We see Feyyaz Duman, whom we have watched as a simple man in the photographs, as a much more assertive man. As a widowed mother, Ceren Moray, whom we always see in crazy characters.

Med Production, the producer of Yalancı ve Mumları, which was shot mostly for female audiences. The subject of Yalancı ve Mumları, which will appear as a strong woman’s story, will be as follows:

The love lives, relationships, secrets, lies and, above all, friendship relations of four friends named Meliha, Elif, Şebnem and Leyla will be told in this series.

The breaking point of Elif’s (Ceren Moray) life is the disappearance of her husband, Engin (Ismail Demirci). Elif, who is fighting to stand up with her daughter Tern and runs a cafe, crosses with her daughter’s school friend Pelin’s father Yakup (Feyyaz Duman) and her babysitter Şerife (Melike Güner) and everything turns upside down.

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