Is Burcu Kıratlı fit or too weak?
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29 September 2022 08:34


Is Burcu Kıratlı fit or too weak?

The famous actress Burcu Kıratlı was recognized by a large audience for her character Mavi in the series Love and Blue. Watching the series in South American countries made the player popular in this region.

Burcu Kıratlı, who shared her Instagram account, received comments from both Turkish and a few foreign fans.

Turkish fans made comments on the beauty and fit of the actress.

Some followers, on the other hand, advised the player to lose weight on the days of quarantine.

A follower who shared from Mexico commented that he was impressed by her role in the series and liked it very much.

Burcu Kıratlı has been trying every way to take part in the series for 2 seasons. However, a role has not yet come as he was looking for. However, the reputation of the actress  is slowly rising in South America.

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