Is İbrahim Çelikkol leaving the My Home My Destiny?
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26 November 2022 18:42


Is İbrahim Çelikkol leaving the My Home My Destiny?

Looking at the point where the character of the Mehdi has reached in the TV8 screen on Wednesday evenings in the series My Home My Destiny, many TV fans began to think that the character could now exit the series.

The bond between Mehdi and Zeynep was completely broken. In the 25th episode, Mehdi’s abduction of Zeynep by force, keeping her, not paying attention to what he said or even wanted was the last straw that broke the glass. Zeynep is afraid, but Mehdi still thinks of her as the wife he loves and protects.

However, Zeynep worries about where the Mehdi’s reckless attitude might go. Zeynep wants to run away and get rid of it. The Mehdi is still aiming to tell her about his problem… The last point reached was until Mehdi abducted Zeynep by force and displayed his psychopathic level.

Meanwhile, sparks of love started between Barış and Zeynep. When there were such developments in the series, the audience began to think that İbrahim Çelikkol, who portrayed the character of Mehdi, could leave the series soon. This issue has started to be asked frequently on social media.

However, the information received is that the character of Mehdi will exist in the story and there is no such thing as İbrahim Çelikkol leaving… According to the backstage information of journalist Birsen Altuntaş, İbrahim Çelikkol continues on his way, there is no change in the series.

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