Dangerous partnership in the Love Is In The Air
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26 November 2022 17:52


Dangerous partnership in the Love Is In The Air

23 episodes have been aired so far in the series Love Is In The Air, meeting with the audience on Fox TV screens on Saturday evenings. There will be important developments in the 24th episode of the series. After İlayda Çevik’s Balca Koçak character came to the story, Ayşegül İşsever started to meet with the audience as Eda’s grandmother Semiha.

In the series Love Is In The Air, which brings Hande Erçel and Kerem Bürsin together in the lead role, there will be a situation where these new characters make Eda’s life difficult. You will see this clearly in chapter 24. The grandmother who does not want Serkan Bolat and her grandchild to be together will reveal that she can do everything. Let’s see if the cooperation between Balca and Semiha will harm the Eda – Serkan couple?

Here is the summary and trailer of the 24th episode of the Love Is In The Air series: Eda did not fall into the trap of Balca regarding the tender; However, when the secret partner’s grandmother Semiha appears, Serkan’s trust is shaken. Serkan immediately leaves the company, Eda runs after him and tries to tell him that he did not know the identity of the secret partner until that minute. Serkan does not listen. Eda does not give up. He goes after Serkan.

Taking advantage of the absence of Semiha, Serkan and Eda, she declares a state of emergency in the company. She said that she threatened Mr. Alptekin and he also fled abroad at the meeting she called everyone. The next stop of this woman, who is ready for everyone, is the house of Ayfer and Eda.

Aydan was surprised at what he would do in the face of the divorce agreement from Alptekin, and he was left with Ayfer. Ayfer devises a fast plan to protect Aydan and Seyfi from his mother’s wrath and introduces Aydan as her neighbor Aysun.

Eda eventually finds a way to get Serkan to listen to herself. They both agree that their relationship is getting worn out. Serkan wants to make a brand new start with the new year. Eda, whose grandmother, who she wanted to leave in the past, fell like a bomb in the middle of her life, has question marks about new beginnings.

Will the magic of the New Year be able to surround Serkan and Eda? Are brand new beginnings possible? When the hours show 12 o’clock at night, they contract to inform each other about their decisions.

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