Sen Çal Kapımı is over, Hande Erçel went to Maldives!
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29 November 2022 10:24


Sen Çal Kapımı is over, Hande Erçel went to Maldives!

Fox TV’s series Sen Çal Kapımı (Love Is In The Air), which started airing in June last year, has been going on almost without a break for 10 months. The series, starring Hande Erçel and Kerem Bürsin, made the season finale last Saturday evening. It will be on screen again in June with new episodes.

Although the romantic comedy series is not a highly rated production of the channel, it has never fallen from the agenda of social media. The viewers who admire Kerem Bürsin and Hande Erçel in the series showcase messages to the duo.

The series Sen Çal Kapımı, which has a large fan base in social media, draws attention by making the series TT every week.

The fact that the leading actors are young, successful and popular names also explains this wind in social media. Considering that Hande Erçel has almost 21 million followers, the fan base they get behind the two actors makes an indirect contribution to the ratings of the series.

Although it is not in the first place, the series has an entrenched audience. Fox TV’s decision to continue the series in the summer in order not to stop this wind was greeted with great joy by the audience.

Instead of taking risks with a summer series that will just start, it is seen as the right decision for the channel to air its existing series again in the summer with new surprises.

By the way, Hande Erçel shared a farewell, albeit for now, after the series gave the season finale on Saturday.

Another post made by the player a few days after this post drew great attention! It was revealed that the actress, who has been working hard for months, went to the Maldives as soon as the series finished the season.

While Hande Erçel posed with her hat and bikini from Maldives, where she tagged the hotel she was staying in, she shared photos from the scenery.

Here are those posts …

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