Hande Erçel gave lessons to those who talked badly about her!
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1 December 2022 13:14


Hande Erçel gave lessons to those who talked badly about her!

Hande Erçel has experienced both a decline and a great rise in her career in recent years …

The actress was criticized a lot for a period, but she described herself with her successful work.

There were many who spoke bad words about Hande and ignored her talent.

She, who taught by doing her job well, did not experience character weakness after her success.

Hande Erçel, who started acting with the Çalıkuşu series in 2014, was very popular with Güneşin Kızları.

The actress won the ‘best comedy actress’ award with the series Aşk Laftan Anlamaz.

However, the years 2017 and 2018 passed in troubles for the actress. The Siyah İnci series was disappointing. The responsibility for this was put on Hande Erçel.

She received criticism on social media and did not even receive an interim offer from the producers.

Hande Erçel lost her mother to cancer on 10 Jan 2019. This incident changed the actress a lot.

Hande, who looked at life differently after her mother’s death, completely devoted herself to her work. She proved her acting again with the ring drama.

Those who talked badly about her decreased and support grew.

The series Sen Çal Kapımı was a complete turning point for the actor.

Hande Erçel, who has achieved a great harmony with Kerem Bürsin, has recently made the biggest breakthrough of her career.

The actress who has fans all over the world, made a big event with more than 20 million Instagram followers …

Hande Erçel has become the most successful and powerful name of recent years, who has managed to spread her reputation all over the world.

Hande Erçel, who is now one of the sought-after names of the leading roles, is closely followed by millions of fans with every step.

This happened with her clinging to her work tightly and keeping her personality without being caught up in the lure of fame.

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