Is Nalan's real father coming to Camdaki Kız?
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2 February 2023 13:56


Is Nalan’s real father coming to Camdaki Kız?

Kanal D’s immersive series, Camdaki Kız, which brings the audience to their mouths every week, comes to the screen with its new episode tonight. The introduction of the new episode of the series shows that the audience will watch this evening, holding their breath. It is a matter of great curiosity who the man who appeared in the last frame of the promotion is.

Camdaki Kız is undoubtedly Kanal D’s most gripping series since last season. Adapted from Gülseren Budayıcıoğlu’s book of the same name, the fact that the Camdaki Kız tells a true story continues to deeply affect the audience.

The series, which squeezes the hearts of the audience with almost every scene, increases its success day by day with the performances of successful actors such as Burcu Biricik, Nur Sürer, Tamer Levendoğlu and Cihangir Ceyhan.

Camdaki Kız will be on Kanal D with its new episode tonight. The trailer of the new episode of the series has been released. The trailer again shows that a breathtaking episode awaits the audience.

According to the trailer, Sedat, who wants to have a child, will start mistreating Nalan. However, Sedat and Cana, who have an illicit relationship, will be cornered somehow. Sedat’s sister, Selen, will also announce to the family that she is pregnant. Nalan will learn that her parents are hiding some truths from her.

The most striking moment of the promotion is the last scene. In this scene, the door of Feride and Adil Bey’s house rings. When Feride opens the door, she is shocked by the man she sees in front of her. This brings to mind the question of whether the man at the door is Nalan’s real father. According to the story of the series, Nalan is actually the granddaughter of Feride and Adil Bey. Her uncle raped her daughters when they were very young. Their daughter, who became pregnant as a result of rape, died during childbirth, and her grandmother and grandfather began to take care of her baby Nalan.

Camdaki Kız is on Kanal D with its new episode tonight at 20:00.

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