Series News Is that tablade in the A Little Murder a secret? He did not run away from his careful eyes!

Is that tablade in the A Little Murder a secret? He did not run away from his careful eyes!


Star TV’s Tuesday evening marks the stamp of the A Little Murder series, since the day of social media does not fall in the language!

While the performances of Gökçe Bahadır, Aslıhan Gürbüz, Bade İşçil, Tülin Özen and Mert Fırat were being spoken, the costumes and venues of Dizin had attracted great attention.

The trio of Merve, Arzu and Pelin, who overturned Oya’s life due to a slander they had made years ago, were dragged into another adventure by the transfer of Oya to Sarmaşık!

In Sarmaşık, where Merve behaved like a queen, the balances went into a completely different dimension with the arrival of Oya!

Merve, Arzu and Pelin, who went to the house renting house from Sarmaşık in the first part of the series to ‘Welcome’, got a gift for him.

Actually, this gift that Merve made with the most delight was a painting that reflects that the tablarda is a girl, a boy, two boys and parents, and the family.

Merve who wanted to give a message to Oya, who was single, wanted to shoot this picture in a blow to Oya, where she ruined her life.

When Oya saw the picture, she noticed what Merve wanted to say, but she did not stop by hanging it on the house wall.

Oya’s house still standing on the corner of this picture on Twitter about an interesting comment came from a viewing.

We do not know where Serhan’s love for Oya is going to reach, but she considers that careful eyes are the fate of the sequence in this picture.

It is thought that the man in the picture resembles Serhan, the woman in Oya, and the little girl in Serhan and Merve’s daughter, Mila.

In this case, the little boy must be Serhan and Oya’s sons!

There is still an oddity!

We do not know if this is really the case, but we have learned that Oya can never have a child after she failed in her high school years and tried to commit suicide!

Although we think that Oya, a gynecologist, is well aware of the fact that he is investigating this situation and that he can not have children, he can not help thinking of this comment about the picture after he said, “Will it be a miracle?

It is not a coincidence that the table is still hanging in Oya’s house, and the occasional camera turns into this picture, but the confusing claim says “Why not?”

Because the love of Oya and Serhan is getting even more interesting! Although she does not want to be married with a man, the schemes that Merve makes without knowing it stop pushing Oya more to Serhan.

We will see what happens after Serhan returns home after trying to get divorced by the game of Merve, but the audience between Serhan and Oya has already given approval!

Is the painting on the wall a result of this love? Is the end of the sequence obvious from the beginning? Is there a secret in the tablla, and that secret will come out at the end of the sequence?