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4 July 2022 02:30


Is there a final decision for Love Is In The Air? Hande Erçel replies…

One of the popular TV series of Wednesday evenings, Love Is In The Air, made a strong debut and became the most watched series of the summer screen. The production, which attracted great attention, managed to reach ratings between 7-8, but lost almost 40 percent of its audience when the series began. This decline, which is also reflected in the ratings, was asked to the leading actors Hande Erçel and Kerem Bürsin.

Although the love allegations about the couple, who do not want to give much image together, continue to appear on social media, the duo continues to concentrate on their business. The duo, who appeared before the cameras together after the shooting, stated that they did not make a decision not to give images together.

When asked about love rumors, she said, “We are working, we are together because we are working now,” and answered the question about the decrease in the ratings.

Hande Erçel, “Has the final decision been made about the series?” “No no, everything is going very well. Everything is on its way, and our work continues ”.

It was also asked that Kerem Bürsin’s mother started following Hande Erçel on Instagram. Erçel said, “My family is also following him. They also visited us at the set . That’s why ” she said.

Hande Erçel stated that she enjoyed working with Kerem Bürsin and that she was a very good partner.

Kerem Bürsin stated that he sees himself as an actor against the concept of the young man, and that he only focuses on his work.

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