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4 July 2022 03:24


A very nice gift from Ahsen Eroğlu to the miracle baby of the earthquake

New ones joined the miracles experienced during the earthquake disaster that took place off Seferihisar on Friday noon and affected Izmir badly. Yesterday, when Elif Bebek was taken out of the wreckage under a great shower of emotions, the whole country experienced a great joy… The good condition of Elif Perinçek, who survived 65 hours after the earthquake, also made everyone happy. In the 91st hour of the earthquake, the fact that the baby Ayda was taken out alive from the Rıza Bey apartment added new ones to these joys.

Elif Bebek was also on the agenda of celebrities… Many famous names shared about this miracle salvation. The sharing of Ahsen Eroğlu, who gave life to the character of Dicle in the TV series Call My Agent, was one of the most special ones… Ahsen Eroğlu, who drew the baby Elif, displayed her talent and gave the little baby a nice gift.

Ahsen Eroglu, who also posted a message about the baby Ay, who was removed from the debris alive at the 91st hour of the earthquake, published the following photo with the note “The first food the baby wants is meatballs and ayran #mucize #aydabebek”.

Like Ahsen Eroğlu, a post about Elif Bebek was also from Tuba Büyüküstün. The famous actress wrote about her feelings for the baby Elif and drew attention to the heroes working with heart and soul in the wreckage. Büyüküstün published the following message regarding this great story of salvation:

“Today, you are the name of your miracle, hope, hope, resistance, sun-faced boy… We owe you a lot for keeping our hope alive…

We owe honesty, we owe justice, we owe merit. We owe you the best future that can be built … So that you can move forward in the light of your dreams and the miracle you have created throughout your life, without stopping your money.

I greet with affection and respect the heroes who reach out to you.

If you are there, there is hope despite everything!

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