Is there a new separation in Kardeşlerim series?
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27 September 2022 08:08


Is there a new separation in Kardeşlerim series?

Kardeşlerim (My Brothers) TV series, which meets with the audience every Saturday evening on ATV, came to the screen with its last 50th episode. The level of excitement has also increased in the series, which is approaching the end of the season. A photo shared from the set of the TV series also increased the final excitement of the audience and brought the claim of separation to the agenda.

Kardeşlerim TV series, which came to the screen with its 50th episode on Saturday evening, again took the second place in the ratings. The series, which continues its broadcast successfully in its second season, is slowly approaching the end of the season. It will be the season finale soon. Now, Kardeşlerim audience is stuck on what will happen in the season finale.

Meanwhile, a photo shared from the set of the series brought up the claim of separation and increased the dose of excitement. Deniz Tural, who made the series comments on Twitter, brought this claim to the agenda. Tural, who is a strict viewer of the series Kardeşlerim, wrote the following along with a photo from the set of Tardeşlerim: “Is there another breakup coming from the series #Brothers? There is also a selfie, alas, alas. I wonder?”

Thereupon, a comment from one of Deniz Tural’s followers increased the curiosity. Because the aforementioned follower took the claim even further and wrote: “Kadir’s selfie was taken for the new good in the Kadir scene and Kadir died… A kite event was held for Kaan and selfies were taken, and Kaan died… Now it was gathered for Harika. Will it turn out Harika? Or is it Susen because it is the house of Susen?”

In some comments, he stated that the name to leave the series will be Lizge Cömert, who plays Süsen. Some predictions were in favor of Gözde Türker, who portrayed Harika. However, there is still no definite information.

As in every series, some characters are expected to leave as the season ends in the series Kardeşlerim. New actors are expected to join the cast in the new season. This strategy, which was designed to keep the story alive especially in long-running TV series, will also be applied in Kardeşlerim. Let’s see who will be the actor who will say goodbye to Kardeşlerim at the end of this season.

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