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6 July 2022 10:41


Isabella Damla’s world is small but its success is big

She, the tiny star of the Elif TV series, has done a great job.

Posted on Channel 7 television series in Turkey Elif was a phenomenon.

Isabella Damla, the leading actor in the series, is at the age of 8 and is already considered a star.

The Elif series, which is broadcast in 36 countries, does not reach the summit.

In Turkey, with a humble family life.

She lives in a village in Istanbul with her family.

There is little time left for the tiny star that goes to the arrow and spent a long time in the set.

The biggest luxury is in the bed, playing with toys.

She can not sleep without toys.

She believes her baby brings her luck.

Because of this, the toy never leaves the baby.

Isabella Damla, the pureness of simple life makes the audience feel on screen.

Here is a nice video from the tiny star:


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