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6 July 2022 03:22


Isn’t there any role for Sera Kutlubey?

While Sera Kutlubey, Cemre of the Ruthless City, was the person who should be on the agenda, she remained in the background! Ruthless City series ended in June, but left behind a portfolio of very talented young actors. Bahar Şahin, among these names; Berker Güven, Sera Kutlubey, Ozan Dolunay and Simay Barlas attracted a lot of attention… The young stars of the series received offers after proposals during the summer months.

Sera Kutlubey, who avoided the chance with Ruthless City, has been silent for a while. However, other friends have started TV series, they are excited about new projects or their productions are finished, they are looking for new ones.

In other words, those who shine with the series except Sera Kutlubey have come a long way. The famous actress has not come up with a project yet… She cannot understand this situation with her fans.

Bahar Şahin participated in the Kanal D series named Good Family Man (İyi Aile Babası) and the new project will soon be on the screen in a very effective way.

Ozan Dolunay got the lead role in the Happily Ever After series, but the series made the final in the 6th episode due to the rating. Ozan Dolunay’s name is frequently mentioned in new projects.

Simay Barlas, on the other hand, has already taken the lead role in the TV series A Mother’s Sin… The actress will soon be on Kanal D screen with a very different series.

Berker Güven, on the other hand, has been in a great work for Flame Of Fate He will revive the character of İskender on Show TV, which will start on Thursday, November 5th, tomorrow.

While his friends in cruel Istanbul run from project to project in the new season, nobody can understand that Sera Kutlubey does not sound silent.

Journalist Birsen Altuntaş informed that the young actress was meeting with MF Production. Is it a new project, a TV show or what is unknown. However, Sera Kutlubey deserves to star in good projects on the screen after her performance in Ruthless City, as much as her other friends.

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