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6 July 2022 23:45


Nose to nose pose of Necip Memili with his baby daughter

Necip Memili, Cumali, of The Pit series, which was on Show TV, became a father in July. Necip Memili, whose daughter Asya is 4 months old, shares some poses with his daughter on his Instagram account. The video, where he danced with his daughter in his arms recently, was greatly appreciated.

Waiting for being a father, Necip Memili cannot bear to stay apart from his daughter. The actor, who left his little daughter at home and was on the set for long hours, made a post with the note “I miss you so much, my dear girl”.

Necip Memili, who created a phenomenon with life characters in the projects he will perform, is also highly appreciated in The Pit with his character Cumali. However, the intensity of the set work shortens the time he spent with his daughter Asya.

Sharing a photo taken in the car with his daughter, Necip Memili made his followers smile by sending a nose. The photo of the actor’s daughter Asya face to face was highly appreciated.

In addition to the heart and evil eye bead emoji interpretation of Aslıhan Güner, who plays in the North Star series, names such as Onur Saylak, İrem Sak, and Müjgan Koraltürk are also seen to be liked.

Here are the cute states of Necip Memili and his daughter Asya:

This is a nose story 🙂 I miss you so much my dear girl.

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