It coincides with the situation of Ilgaz and Ceylin in the series of Yargı, which they love to leave!
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31 January 2023 19:49


It coincides with the situation of Ilgaz and Ceylin in the series of Yargı, which they love to leave!

The story of the series Yargı (Judgment), in which Sema Ergenekon made its mark as a screenwriter, is progressing so effectively that new surprises shake the audience every week. The surprise of this week was that Ilgaz and Ceylin decided to divorce. Since the new episode was not broadcast last week due to the holiday, the new episode that will be screened on Sunday, May 8, has created great excitement for the fans of the Yargı series.

The relationship between Ilgaz and Ceylin is now falling apart… The two will be separated from each other, but it is clear that the love between them still continues. There is a saying called leaving with love, and you will see its reflection in the series Yargı.

The fact that Pınar Deniz and Kaan Urgancıoğlu are a very successful TV series couple, that the story continues very effectively and that it is not clear what will happen in the next episodes has brought the Yargı to this point.

Millions of fans of the series are now eagerly waiting for the new episode. The new episode of The Yargı has created great excitement not only for a wide range of TV series fans from Turkey but also abroad.

As Yargı 31st Episode trailers are released, details emerge and the excitement increases. In the new episode, Ilgaz and Ceylin are trying to leave lovingly!

Ceylin and Ilgaz’s decision to divorce shocked everyone. Although they love each other very much, they think that separation is the right way. But their emotions will get in the way of their logic.

Will Ceylin and Ilgaz really get divorced, or will their feelings bring them back together?

Ilgaz says, “Only the truth will heal us.”

Ceylin’s words are also touching: “Can I hug you one last time?”

Yargı will be broadcast on Kanal D with its new episode on Sunday at 20.00.

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