Series News It happened to them that the North Star fans were afraid!

It happened to them that the North Star fans were afraid!

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The North Star series, which is still being shot in Ordu, makes a strong impression with its entertaining story … North Star, which regressed with the start of the An Anatolian Tale series on Saturday evenings, could not stop the downward trend with the arrival of My Siblings series. However, hopes were high for the series, which could still receive above average ratings in the all persons category.

There was an expectation that the entertaining Black Sea series, starring Aslıhan Güner and İsmail Demirci, could continue in the 3rd season. Because there was a large audience that was on the screen for the series and enjoyed it for a long time … However, the account of Show TV is not the same as the account of these viewers …

The consecutive final decisions for Arıza and Ramo series surprised all the fans of the series. The viewers of the North Star also thought that a surprise final decision could be made, and the messages were lined up one after the other so that it would not be the case on social media.

When it was revealed that the North Star series will also make the finale, the fear of the fans came to their heads. It is not known whether it is a consolation that the series will not end immediately like Ramo and Fault, but the series will say goodbye in June.

This final issue has now become clear. Fans of the North Star are rebelling on social media.

Although the series got above average ratings in the all people category, this final decision was not welcomed.

It turned out that the series, which has been broadcasting 58 episodes so far, has only 10 episodes left. Fans are trying to dissuade Show TV from its decision with their comments on social media for the series, which is expected to make the final like the 68th episode in mid-June.

Here is the 59th episode trailer of the North Star, which will be released on Saturday, April 10: