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7 July 2022 05:13


Neither you Love Is In The Air, neither the The Ambassador’s Daughter nor the Hercai! Look who won the Best TV Couple award?

Among the categories of the TV series on the screen in many awards, the category of “Best Series Couple” also draws attention. TV series featuring more popular names receive series couples awards at some award ceremonies. However, this time, despite the series that beat its competitors every week in the categories created by looking at the number of messages he received on social media, surprise series won the award!

Recently, Eda and Serkan in Fox TV’s Love Is In The Air series have not fallen from the first place in social media, while TV series such as My Home My Destiny, The Ambassador’s Daughter and Nehir are at the top of both the popular series and couples categories. However, at an award ceremony organized by Istanbul University, not these names, but a surprise series of couples won the award!

Aslıhan Güner and İsmail Demirci, who starred together in the North Star series broadcast on Show TV on Saturday evenings, play two couple in love. The love of Kuzey and Yıldız, who finally got married, was loved so much that the audience returns this love with the ratings every week. It is among the most striking TV series on social media.

Meanwhile, İsmail Demirci and Aslıhan Güner, who play the married couple in the series, draw attention with their good friendship relations behind the camera. The actors, both of whom are married, are professionally appreciated for their onscreen acting, while at the same time making the audience smile with each other on social media from time to time.

Those who watch that they are a good couple in the comedy series are already following the show every week and showing them with their comments on social media, but once again this partnership was registered with an award.

Aslıhan Güner and İsmail Demirci were awarded “Best Series Couple of the Year” at the 6th Golden 61 Award Ceremony of Istanbul University this year.

Güner and Demirci, who are currently shooting in Ordu, our city, which attracts attention with the beautiful nature of the Black Sea, also shared their pose on social media pages when the award reached them.

The two actors, who have become the joy of Saturday evenings, continue to conquer the hearts with Yıldız and Kuzey, which they played in the series they shot in the sometimes difficult conditions of the Black Sea.

It is also very meaningful that they received this award by passing couples in dozens of TV series on the screen and other TV series that are widely talked about on social media. It is also remarkable that they stand in front of popular names in TV series such as Love Is In The Air, My Home My Destiny, and Nehir, which is at the top of social media every week.

Aslıhan Güner shared this happy news on both instagram and twitter pages as follows:

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