It turned out why Hazal Kaya has used a hair filter for days!
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27 September 2022 07:24


It turned out why Hazal Kaya has used a hair filter for days!

Hazal Kaya is currently shooting the series Midnight at Pera Palace, which is prepared for Netflix. Adapted from Charles King’s novel of the same name, the story of Istanbul’s transformation from the capital of the empire to a modern, vibrant world city in the period from 1918 to the end of the 1920s is told.

In an interview, Hazal Kaya told that the name of the book was used exactly because the rights of the book were taken, but that the same story in the book would not be adapted, but only inspired.

Commenting on a “fun time travel” for the series, Hazal Kaya will give life to a character named Esra in the series she shares with Selahattin Paşalı.

The screenplay of the series directed by Emre Şahin is also written by Elif Usman. Hazal Kaya, from the set of the series about the series signed by Karga Seven Pictures, recently made a live broadcast.

The new image of the actress who showed the set with a surprise live broadcast on Instagram was also seen by everyone. It was noteworthy that the actress, who was seen to have dyed her hair light red, has been using a filter that shows her hair purple for a while.

The reason for this was understood in the live broadcast. Kaya dyed her hair for the drama and did not show her new image to anyone before filming began. Finally, she showed the audience hers final form, and in the post below, she explained the situation to his followers with the note “May it be in honor of my liberation from my hair filters”.

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