It will be an unforgettable Valentine's Day for Demet Özdemir! Oğuzhan Koç's plan has been revealed!
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1 December 2022 13:52


It will be an unforgettable Valentine’s Day for Demet Özdemir! Oğuzhan Koç’s plan has been revealed!

Many allegations were made about the separation of the famous actress Demet Özdemir and Oğuzhan Koç. Later, allegations were made that the couple reconciled and decided to continue their relationship again.

A new one has now been added to these claims. According to the news of journalist Birsen Altuntaş from TV100, Oğuzhan Koç prepared an unforgettable surprise for Demet Özdemir on Valentine’s Day.

February 14th of 2022 may be very special for the couple allegedly reconciled… According to the claim, Oğuzhan Koç will propose to his lover.

At the party, where the famous singer Oğuzhan Koç invited many of his friends, it was claimed that Demet Özdemir would cut her feet off the ground and propose to her.

The plan of Oğuzhan Koç, who made preparations for this unforgettable party, was also revealed. Of course, it will be understood on Monday, February 14, whether the claims are true or not.

Journalist Birsen Altuntaş made this claim by announcing the news on her website on her twitter account. Demet Özdemir fans on social media follow these developments with surprise.

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