Jealousy of [Fahriye Evcen]
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29 March 2023 18:29


Jealousy of [Fahriye Evcen]

[Fahriye Evcen & Burak Özçivit] latest news …

The actress came up with the jealousy crisis.

In a commercial for her husband Burak Ozcivit with the Romanian singer Inna, FahriyeEvcen was jealous her husband.

Actor spent a lot of effort to convince his jealous wife.

FahriyeEvcen did not want Inna, the last actor solved the crisis.

The actor who convinced his got $ 1 million in the commercial.

But FahriyeEvcen did not leave her husband alone during the shootings.

She also forbade Burak Ozcivit to follow Inna in the social media.

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