Artists News [Tolgahan Sayisman]’s health problem

[Tolgahan Sayisman]’s health problem


[Tolgahan Sayisman] latest news …

H, who had yellow fever vaccination before traveling to Africa, was hospitalized. The famous actor who had been hospitalized with complaints of high fever, was hospitalized in the night.

He, who was also famous in Africa with his plays, was invited from Angola, where he had a large fan base.

The actor, who accepted the invitation and was due to go to the country next week, had a yellow fever of the compulsory pre-travel.

However, this vaccine has made him hospitalized. He, who is allergic to his body, was discharged after being treated in a hospital where he had been hospitalized with a high fever.

Video: HandeErcel with TolgahanSayisman in Black Pearl drama series: