Artists News Jessica May will break new ground in her career in the Yalnız Kurt series!

Jessica May will break new ground in her career in the Yalnız Kurt series!


Yalnız Kurt (The Lone Wolf) series will meet the audience in a more effective way with its renewed cast and story in the second season. Jessica May will return to the screen after 2 years as the female lead of the series.

Jessica May, who became a Turkish citizen and therefore expressed her happiness at every opportunity, first shone with the TV series Yeni Gelin (New Bride). Then, the actress, who took the lead role in the TV series Maria and Mustafa, which was broadcast on ATV, will appear in front of her fans 2 years later, this time with the Yalnız Kurt series.

The TV series he acted in before were projects in which both comedy and drama were involved, but usually static scenes. However, this time you will watch Jessica May as part of an action-packed story.

This action situation, which is a first in her career for the actress, will mark the second season of the Yalnız Kurt series. It is understood that the series has been made much more effective than the first season, especially with its trailers reminiscent of military serials, in which the theme of national unity and togetherness will be handled.

For Jessica May, taking part in a series that has the consistency of a soldier series, never ending action, and contains intelligence agent stories will offer the opportunity to develop herself in the name of her career.

In the first season, Damla Colbay became the partner with Hasan Denizyaran, the leading male actor. Now in season two, Jessica May will replace Colbay.

The results of the partnership of Hasan Denizyaran and Jessica May have already been a matter of curiosity.