After Yazgı, Aşk ve Umut, now Toprak ile Fidan! Why did daily serials explode?
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2 December 2022 18:52


After Yazgı, Aşk ve Umut, now Toprak ile Fidan! Why did daily serials explode?

New daily serials called Yazgı (Fate) on tv8 and Aşk ve Umut (Love and Hope) on Kanal D were introduced. Now, the first trailer of Star TV’s new daily series project Toprak ile Fidan has been released. The series tells the story of Toprak ile Fidan, who had to be separated from each other by an accident. Hazal Adıyaman and Osman Aydın are in the lead roles in the series.

The fact that the international sales are very good can be shown under the idea of ​​​​broadcasting a series that will be screened every weekday of the television channels in the recent period. There is a habit of viewers in Turkey, especially for daily serials.

Daily serials are watched with enthusiasm abroad, especially in Latin American countries, and the high demand for Turkish daily serials abroad is also known. That’s why we saw a new episode of tv8’s Yazgı series. The series, starring Erkan Meriç and Yağmur Öztürk, has started and invites the viewers to the tv8 screen every weekday.

Kanal D, on the other hand, contributed to the daily series attack with the project called Aşk ve Umut (Love and Hope).

In the lead roles in the series Aşk ve Umut; Hakan Dinçkol, Cemre Kurum, Elif Eda Başlamış and Furkan Okumuş.

In the daily series race of television channels, a new series called Toprak ile Fidan came from Star TV. The series crew started filming.

In the first trailer of the series, it is shown that the character of Fidan, one of the main heroes of the story, was dragged unconscious to the seashore and was rescued by a person. Afterwards, her husband Toprak and the woman who is looking for her son tells about the sad moments of the series that comes with a strong drama story.

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