Series News Jet Socialite will make the final

Jet Socialite will make the final


The final episode of the Jet Society series, which has been meeting with the audience for 3 seasons, was expected to be published this week. Gulse Birsel previously stated that the final will be held on Wednesday, April 29. However, the final date is set as next week. The final part of the series will be realized by combining the images taken from the house.

Gulse Birsel, who shared the video he recorded for the final episode on Saturday, published the following video with the note “Next week Jet Society will make a final. Still moments in the chaos”. Having a lot of emotional moments, Gülse Birsel thanked her audience after 3 seasons.

Gülse Birsel’s farewell message was as follows: I shoot the last scene of the final episode of Jet Society. We started Jet Society in December 2017. You started watching in January 2018.

You have watched until today. I am currently shooting the last scene of our 59th episode, our final episode. Thank you very much for following this story with us, for loving us, for laughing together. The story of the Jet Society is over, but we will see you again in different stories and better days. Goodbye thank you very much, for watching and laughing. ”