Artists News Jet Society ended, but new good news came from Gülse Birsel!

Jet Society ended, but new good news came from Gülse Birsel!


Famous actress and screenwriter Gülse Birsel is enjoying the holiday in the Aegean. Spending the third season on Puhu TV, the Jet Society series put an end to the screen life with the final episode at the beginning of May. Fans started waiting for new projects from Gülse Birsel.

Gülse Birsel, who is the name behind 3 important comedy series such as European Side, Lie World and Jet Society, gave a good news to his followers with her sharing on her Instagram account. The actress announced that she had a surprise for the new season.

Gülse Birsel shared a short video showing her beauty with her dress stretching all the way to the floor. As a message, “In such a reverse, slow motion were doing things, I was very envy. I said, “Don’t let me stay in the room before I close the room to write new jobs.” Birsel’s emphasis on new jobs also drew attention.

Gülse Birsel, her fans are very curious about what kind of a project to start after this sharing. Is a new series coming up? Gülse Birsel also said that she wanted to do a theater sometime.

The new project of the famous screenwriter and actress is already being followed with great curiosity… Some fans have made comments stating that they expect them to make 2 in the Aile Arasında movie. The movie Aile Arasında was released in December 2017 and attracted great attention.

There is no information about how Gulse Birsel is in preparation.