Kaan Turgut, who started his career with Elveda Rumeli, is now experiencing nostalgia with Balkan Ninnisi!
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6 December 2022 07:07


Kaan Turgut, who started his career with Elveda Rumeli, is now experiencing nostalgia with Balkan Ninnisi!

Balkan Ninnisi (Balkan Lullaby), which attracted great attention on TRT 1 screens as a Turkish series shot abroad after many years, cannot get the successful ratings it achieved in the summer period in the winter period that started with September. Balkan Ninnisi lost its audience with the competing TV series coming to the screen one by one. In the series, which draws attention not only with its impressive story, but also with its interesting characters, the name of the character named Pavel was the successful actor Kaan Turgut.

The actor, whom we watched as Gladyus in the Barbaroslar series last year, also played the character of Prince Sabahaddin in the TV series Payitaht Abülhamid, and was together with the team of the Balkan Ninnisi series. For Kaan Turgut, who started his acting career as a postman in the last season of the TV series “Elveda Rumeli” (Farwell Rumelia) in 2009, it was a different nostalgia to go back to Macedonia years later and shoot the TV series.

Growing up on the street, Pavel stands out as a colorful and mysterious person. Kaan Turgut also drew attention to this detail and said: “The street is colorful and mysterious. I believe that the person who grows up on the street will also be colorful and mysterious. Pavel is a character who grew up without a family from a young age and has endured everything alone. It takes intelligence, luck and dedication to survive and stay grounded. That’s why I can say that I love the matryoshka analogy for Pavel.”

Pavel, like the Russian toy matryoshka, is a person where new things come out as he opens up, and he is a very colorful character. Kaan Turgut also portrays this character very successfully. The actor underlined that the character is a mysterious and unpredictable person.

Mentioning that Pavel’s character is very good for him in terms of acting, Kaan Turgut said: “Pavel’s being mysterious and unpredictable makes him a character that doesn’t limit me in terms of acting and makes him a surprise character for the audience. This is exactly where I love the matryoshka analogy.”

Pavel, who is passionately in love with Jovanka, played by Merih Öztürk in the story of the series, therefore goes through dangerous processes. Kaan Turgut said that the character’s obsession with Jovanka dates back to ancient times.

The actor reminded Pavel’s conflict with Elena years ago, saying, “The psychology of children without a family is tied by a thread of cotton… Sometimes they may not be able to get over the traumas related to self-confidence and complexes for a lifetime.”

Kaan Turgut, who is skilled in portraying a character like Pavel, who still has a trauma at the center of his life, also said that he had no difficulty in the shootings in Skopje.

The actor took part in the last season of the series “Elveda Rumeli” many years ago, so he is someone who knows Macedonia.

Explaining how the time passed in Skopje, the actor conveyed the following details: “Besides shooting, I try to get to know the city and the people of this city. I can say that my free time is almost the same as my life in Istanbul. I am good with Balkan cuisine, I have a special interest in börek and ajvar.”

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