Series News Kalp Yarası series is on the edge of danger!

Kalp Yarası series is on the edge of danger!

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The big problem in the Kalp Yarası series continues to increase! Kalp Yarası, which is broadcast on ATV screens, is having a hard time competing with rival TV series on Monday evenings.

The series, starring Gökhan Alkan and Yağmur Tanrısevsin, has been on the screen since the summer and appeals to a wide audience. Expectations for a good rise in the series, which fell behind in the Monday rating race and could not stop the loss of viewers, are decreasing with each passing week.

The exciting, romantic and action-packed story of Ferit and Ayşe could not recover after the decline in recent weeks. Even if the ratings indicate that the series can continue for now, even small drops can cause big problems over time.

The series, which achieved above-average ratings especially in the category of all people, finished the day in the seventh place with its 20th episode.

The ratings, which fell below the average in both EU and ABC1 categories, indicate that the troubled days continue. The recovery process needs to start for the series, which finished the day in the 11th place with its 20th episode in both categories.

Kalp Yarası is an emotional and impressive drama production. However, while the story had attracted many viewers before, it should also be evaluated that the loss of ratings in recent weeks indicates a problem.

The performance of the screenwriters in the coming weeks will affect the fate of the series. If Kalp Yarası continues to stay at this point in the all people category, the atv will keep it going. However, significant decreases to be experienced may cause the start of a troubled process in the direction of the continuation of the series.