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6 July 2022 07:13


Kanal D found the truth about the series after years!

Kanal D, which was once the address of the best TV series, has lost this position in recent years. Especially in the series industry, where ATV has come to the fore with strong productions and Fox TV has made its debut with important productions from time to time, Show TV has always been the channel that has been talked about with some of its productions. TRT1, on the other hand, has achieved the summit by making a leap in TV series in recent years.

Kanal D, on the other hand, had years of boasting about its old productions as the broadcaster of the most successful series of a period… However, we see that this situation has started to change in the last year. We can say that Kanal D has entered a period of rise after the important series decisions taken.

Channel D, which has been proud of the successful course of the Arka Sokaklar series for many years, now has 3 more powerful series in its hands. The developments in the last 1 year have made the channel stand out again in terms of serials.

Kanal D, which started to win successive titles with its effective series after TRT1 and ATV, succeeded in solving its big problem. Kanal D, who had a very good break with the Sadakatsiz series last season, and then again with Camdaki Kız.

The strong story and successful acting performances of the Yargı series, which started to be broadcast this season, strengthened the hand of the channel with good results against Teşkilat on Sunday evenings.

Kanal D, which has very ambitious productions for 4 days a week, got out of the period when it fell behind in the last 1 year and started to stand out.

This week; On Wednesday night, Sadakatsiz received the best ratings of this season. A similar success came from Camdaki Kız series on Thursday. On Friday evening, Arka Sokaklar won the first place again in the category of all people. It was understood that Kanal D would have a comfortable season with the admiration of Yargı on Sunday evenings.

It is also a wise decision for Kanal D to continue its screen adventure with concise and powerful series.

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