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6 July 2022 20:17


Kanunsuz Topraklar has a big difference in Esra Bilgiç’s career!

Kanunsuz Topraklar, which started to meet with the audience on Wednesday evenings on Fox TV screens, attracted attention as a very special production. The whole team has been working devotedly for 4 months for the series, which Faruk Turgut, the owner of Gold Film, has been meticulously focused on for a long time.

The first episode of the series was aired and won the great appreciation of the audience. Esra Bilgiç, who gave life to the character of Gülfem, and Uğur Güneş, who we watched as Davut, also impressed us with their effective performances.

Esra Bilgiç watched the first episode with all her friends and was very excited. The actress drew attention with the following words: “We are incredibly excited. Everyone is shaking with excitement. We prepared for the first day with a 4-month study. I hope we get that appreciation from the audience. We have never felt so involved in a job, it applies to the entire staff. I love period works, I can always play in these works. Because we are so free.”

The actress, who had a rigorous preparation process for the series, mentioned that the director Faruk Teber was also very helpful.

The actress said the following about her work: “I’ve read a few novels about miners. I looked at the history of Turkey. Faruk Teber worked at that time. We took what he taught us as he knows everything from the date on the clock to the wallpaper. We worked very hard, we worked incredibly hard. We worked hard on every detail, from the hair behind the ear to the size of the pearl earring. I hope everything will be fine.”

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